Welcome to eb-family!

This is the place where those affected, family, health professionals, teachers, social workers or anyone else who would like to learn more about EB will find advise and assistance.

eb-family — the Place for Helping Each Other

The number of people who are familiar with epidermolysis bullosa and the meaning of the term is very limited indeed. Hence we have made it our business to gather this small group of people — almost a small family of sorts — in a place where we can compare notes and exchange know-how, and a forum for lending a helping hand to each other or to engage in trust-based conversation. The idea underlying this site is to gather information that will help families with EB patients and those who interact with them in one way or another. In short, this is the purpose of creating eb-family.

Find out on the following pages just what exactly eb-family will have to offer once the website goes live expected in spring 2013.

National Service Project 2011/2012

Round Table SchmetterlingsKIDS

eb-family has been created within the framework of the National Service Project 2011/2012 by Round Table (RT) Deutschland. The NSP is jointly hosted by DermaKIDS e.V. and RT 203 from Leipzig. For all details and news on NSP, please go to the dedicated NSP homepage.